Good photos for digital channels or social media could persuade a customer to interact with your brand — or at the very least, to just enjoy looking at a beautiful picture on Facebook or Instagram. Good photos do not need to be taken by professional photographers; the appropriate environment, good lighting, a smart angle, and a dash of good taste can help you make your communication that much more appealing to your audience.

But, before you go photo crazy, remember this: quality walks a longer mile than quantity. So be sure your photos align with your branding or sales communications.


To help you out on this mission, keep these tips in mind:

Tell a beautiful story through your photos

Pop up book

You are your customer’s guide. Do your best to communicate your purpose as clearly as possible through your images. Add some design or a caption to help convey your message.

However, try to use real photos when your CTA is intended for a purchase or brand awareness. Natural photos are the best way to show how your brand has a simple and strong statement to convey.


Appropriate lighting is crucial

Camera with yellow field in background

When shooting pictures, avoid using flashes, and take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Some professional photographers consider that the first hours of the day or the last hours before sunset offer the best natural lighting for great quality pictures.


Find the best angles

Close up of Walnuts

Still thinking about the importance of trying to produce the best possible customer experience through visual aids? A golden rule here would be to simulate the viewer’s standpoint. So, the ideal position of the camera would be at eye level, but of course, to photograph some detail, you will probably need to change the angle. And that’s fine too! Angles are your friend!


Keep image quality at heart

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Shaky, blurry, or hazy photos should not be used under any circumstances. But, while you do not need to depend on a professional photographer to take your pictures, neglecting the quality of what will be posted on your digital channels is not an option either. Screen your photos for eye-pleasing quality and clear communication.


Thanks again for your visit. We hope our tips have helped you improve your photography skills!