Custom Software

At Digiteau Software division we are focused on building proprietary enterprise grade software to enhance business processes for medium to large businesses

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We focus on the following markets:

✔ Healthcare

✔ Pharmaceuticals

✔ Real Estate

✔ Sales Enablement

✔ Marketing Enablement

✔ Content Management

✔ Publishing enablement

We take the “Seal Team” approach to software development.

We deploy a small number of high-end expert engineers and UX designers to develop cutting edge business solutions.

Our senior engineers and architect combine for 150 years of software development experience. Located in Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec City and San Jose, we offer our clients high end engagement and transparency in the execution of their solutions.

Digiteau takes pride in its approach towards customer engagement.

We are not a typical software development shop. We offer high quality products at a predictable cost and schedule using best practices in our estimation and engagement methodology.

Our commitment to our customers is to de-risk project execution by providing:

✔ High quality

✔ Predictable cost

✔ Predictable schedule