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Patient Education

We leverage our proprietary content management and publishing software, Rx Publisher to:

✔ Manage existing content in various forms to address specific therapeutic categories and indications.

        • Create Multiple Playlists for multiple indications.

        • Create Playlists by Geography

✔ Create new content using our proprietary built-in templates.

✔ Publish Playlist to various platforms:

       • Specific device, Screen, or Tablet


       • SMS

       • Your proprietary application

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Create your listing, and connect with your buyers.

This user-friendly, customizable platform allows realtors to display their specific listings in a centralized hub for their potential buyers and sellers.

Access easily with web-based capabilities.

Target specific regions with map views.

Provide a seamless environment to showcase for your real estate market.

Subscription starting at $79/mo. 

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