Traffic Counter Display

Having access to information and data is essential to operating your space, whether it be your store-front, event, or venue.

The IQ Traffic Counter provides details around in-and-out traffic to control capacity and traffic flow, and the type of engagement that a customer has within a space.

For example, what 'zones' are the heaviest in traffic, where people spend the most time, and certain factors around their behaviours and demographics.

✔ Free standing LCD digital signage

✔ iPhone style shape

✔ LG panel

✔ Wi-Fi Connectivity 

✔ Capacitive Touch 

Lease, Purchase, Daily and Short-Term rental options available.

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Specs & Dimensions

• Height (cm): 216
• Width (cm): 79
• Base Depth (cm): 45
• Screen Depth (cm): 5
• Weight (kg): 90

• Brightness (nits): 450
• Resolution (pixels): 1920×1080
• Display Mode: LED Backlit
• Contrast: 1400:1

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