Wayfinder Display

Let your customers know where to find what they are looking with the ability to locate areas within your space at their fingertips.

Our Wayfinding Displays provide a seamless, user-friendly platform to map out your space and the various activations that are happening within it.

Eliminate the need for an Information Desk, control traffic and direct customers in an engaging and dynamic way.

✔ Free standing LCD digital signage

✔ iPhone style shape

✔ LG panel

✔ Wi-Fi Connectivity 

✔ Capacitive Touch 

Lease, Purchase, Daily and Short-Term rental options available.

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Specs & Dimensions

• Height (cm): 190
• Width (cm): 79.4
• Base Depth (cm): 45
• Screen Depth (cm): 5
• Weight (kg): 85

• Brightness (nits): 450
• Resolution (pixels): 1920×1080
• Display Mode: LED Backlit
• Contrast: 1400:1


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