Space Transformation Large

Complete Digital Space Transformation. Own for $23,700. Lease and Short-Term rental options available.



Transform your space with a fully customizable and integrated digital experience. Attract customers and drive traffic with a combination of dynamic brand photos, videos and content messaging to meet your objectives. Engage user interaction with gamification, build your business with data collection, and elevate your overall communication and offering. Work with our team to make your vision come to life.


  • up to 4 Wall/ Window/ Floor Projections each of 8 feet max. 
  • 2 Wall/ Window Film 
  • 2 Touch Displays
  • Mounting Materials
  • Installation & Take Down

Subscription and leasing available upon request. Starting as low as $1050/mo. 

Contact our experts at 1 (866) 545-3149. 

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