Trying to puzzle out this unsettling topic could give rise to disruption in your business. The future of retail requires the understanding of complex customer acquisition behaviour using multiple touchpoints. And of course, the answer needs to be the most convenient for your consumer at that exact moment during the purchase. 

McKinsey & Company conducted a survey showing the importance of  this subject, and why there is no room to postpone any change:

  • 60% of buyers changed their shopping habits and intend to keep them
  • 37% of buyers plan to make even more purchases online
  • 40% of buyers tried new brands during the pandemic and intend to continue with the practice

So, it’s time to consider rethinking the whole model of the in-store experience and create a hybrid environment focusing on the needs of your customer. Not only attract new customers but also help to increase your loyalty regarding your current buyers. 

Let’s categorize some points of change into two pillars: short-term ideas and long-term ideas. It’s not an exact theory. You need to be comprehensive with your business moment. Maybe some point sounds obvious for your stage, or you have even passed through it and achieved the next level. But it is always good to reinforce the idea and analyze whether the best results have been achieved. And the result here is not profit but a loyal, satisfied customer who recommends your business. 

Short-term ideas

Long-term ideas

  • Digitalization of the entire purchase process
  • Improve the logistical and technological systems
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Develop a culture of innovation and take risks
  • Create an internal process for developing technology and improving digital channels

We talk about changes and you could ask questions such as: Ok, but how can I start?

Digiteau is here and we recognize your worries. We have compiled 4 tips to getting started. 

We are here to help you with a comprehensive digital solution that works. At Digiteau, we are proud to share our outside-the-box ideas with you. Let’s chat and find the best hardware and software solution for you.