Transform your Point of Sale into a Point of Experience. 

The whole relationship between customers and businesses involves identification and reliability. These connections are brewed and plotted rather than instantaneous relationships. They do not build as fast you want and could be more expensive than you think.

Don’t give up. In this article, we will introduce some tips to improve your in-store experience. And yes, it will be affordable with easy-to-implement steps. 

1 – The magic moment called purchase

The new diagram of sales has to know how to thrill your customers. In each step of their journey, the sensations generated in the customer will result in a purchase. A positive experience can make them come back, buy more, and build a connection with your business.

You must remember that customers have already arrived at your business with all the necessary information about what they want. Therefore, the whole set matters when generating a good experience: minimum queues, good parking structure, service provided by trained professionals, comfortable environment, payment facilities. Remember: it’s not just price and product anymore.

2 – Awareness is the key to loyalty

Today’s consumers don’t want to find a product that meets their needs. They also look for brands with principles and a worldview that match their values. So, it is best to act with authenticity and transparency if you want to convince your customers.

3 – Hybrid experience: bringing the online environment to your business

The digital environment in the retail scenario is characterized by the transition through different communication channels, which enriches the relationship with the customer. On the one hand, communication tools in the digital environment are handy to generate engagement and influence, on the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention and maintain the same posture in-store. The idea is that the integration of online and offline channels brings more security to the customer.

Retail operations without a strategy in the digital universe lose fluidity and fail to create facilities for the customer journey. The in-store shopping experience, after online interaction, should be natural, fluid and complementary.

4 – How to provide an unforgettable shopping experience?

Betting on actions that touch the customer, with sensory interactions, for example. It is also worth making it clear that the company understands the customer’s hesitation, showing how trustworthy it is and can help with customer doubts. To summarize, creating unique experiences implies reviewing even the service, investing in hiring qualified professionals and training the team. Only then will you have collaborators at the level of the customers you want to reach.

Digiteau’s takeaway: 

Don’t forget that technology is an excellent ally for successful strategies and should be explored — not forgetting that elements such as price, ambience and product quality are also fundamental to complement memorable shopping experiences.